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Dear Ladies:

We have a number of exciting details to share with you this time! First of all, we have just posted the June Line which is Butterscotch. This line is a beautiful tan and is perfect for those that like the more simple yet classy details. There are also a couple of new black pieces in this line which are great. If you interested in the Denim, light blue group, let me know as I do have some inventory of that line.

For my PLUS clients, we have access to a nice selection of inventory. This includes red and white, turquoise, navy, evening wear and more. If you would just email us, we will send you a list of what we have available in your size. As a reminder, we can order black basics for you at any time. Please understand it is first come, first serve on this inventory and we certainly want to accommodate as many of you as possible!

We did receive enough order for Misook SHORTS! We will have them in Medium, Large and Extra Large. They are available in Navy and Black. You will NOT find these at any retailer and are being cut especially for us, so please take advantage of this opportunity. I do have a photo of them to show you would like.

Finally, if you are looking for anything, please let us know. We have a ton of inventory and if you just let us know your size, we can send you photos of what we have in stock. We've been known to send a big box of goodies to try as well. So, just let us know. We are here to help you!

Here is the secret code to get view the new line:

Username: misook
Password: butter

We need orders by this weekend. Just send us an email with your dream list and we'll price it for you. Nothing gets ordered without your OK!

Thank you all!